La Silencieuse En Voyage

Youth Program, with Video Mapping, 2019 Creation

At the beginning, there is a sound, and a line. The sound vibrates, the line comes to life. And from this line a character is born: a woman, the Silent, with her long hair. She will be our guide in this musical journey.

Meïkhâneh offers a dreamlike concert where the images guide the imagination and take us right in the stories that are told in the songs: mother-nature, the Silent whose body is a landscape, the galloping of the horses in the steppe, birds migrating in  storm, a seed in the ground, a crying mountain, an egg hiding a heart …

Meïkhâneh’s music is both soft and powerful. It contains sounds and instruments from distant horizons. We are stirred by the Mongol throat and diphonic singings, touched by the crystal-clear voice, shaken by the thunder of the big drum with the full moon look, charmed by the swan-headed lute and the kazhak dombra.

The visual cration is projected with the Mapping technique on a light and delicate decor.

Around the themes of their latest album, (La Silencieuse, Buda Musique, 2017), Meïkhâneh trio gives us its compositions inspired by the traditions of Iran, Mongolia, and Europe.

The show is like a forest, calm and abundant, where resound the songs of water, wind and earth.

On an original idea by Johanni Curtet
Duration: 45 mins
Public: school and family, from 6 years old
Technical conditions: Meïkhâneh is almost autonomous for the video and light setup (please see details with the band)
Production: Cas Particuliers

Public aid: City of Rennes – Guy Ropartz venue
Aid from civil society: ADAMI, ADAMI, la Culture avec la Copie privée, SPEDIDAM
Co-production: La Grande Boutique – Kreiz breizh creation center, Musée des Confluences
Pre-purchase: Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie (ADEM)

Maria Laurent : vocals, tovshuur lute, backing vocals
Johanni Curtet : overtone singing khöömii, throat singing, guitar, dombra lute, backing vocals
Milad Pasta : zarb, daf and udu percussions, backing vocals

Jézabel Coguyec: assistance for the writing and staging
Baptiste de Bailliencourt: visual creation, animation, mapping, scenography
The visual universe is partly inspired by the works of the Mongolian painter Munkhtsetseg Jalkhaajav
Milad Pasta: scenography
Jacky Jarry: light design, decor construction
Agnès Vitour: decor construction Yanna Barbey: sound engineer on tour

Meïkhâneh with Guests


© Meïkhâneh

Uugan is is one of the guest musician on “La Silencieuse”, the second album from the band.
Meïkhâneh finds inspiring to meet musicians from different influences and to play with them. In April 20 11, Meïkhâneh met Uugan, a brilliant Mongolian double bass player, during a creation residency in Switzerland (at La Distillerie Art House in Bulle). That was the beginning of a close collaboration that still continues. Every year they meet again and make new songs together, mixing their musical worlds. Uugan plays in several bands and projects, including Egschiglen, a famous Mongolian traditional ensemble from Germany, with whom he plays all around the world since fifteen years. His music is rooted in the Mongolian tradition (imitation of the horse and camel steps, Long Songs… ), in European classical music, and in personal creations and innovations. He plays on an Ikh Khuur (horse head double bass), that he made. His instrument is like his music: a mix of tradition and modernity.


© Olivier Gérard

Martin Coudroy is also one of the guest musician on “La Silencieuse”, the second album from Meïkhâneh.
The collaboration between him and Meïkhâneh started in 2015. From the Swidish traditional music to jazz, folkloric musics to swing, Martin Coudroy explores all the possibilities of the diatonic accordion. Some of his several colaborations are the lovely Jonsson Coudroy duo, Tanghe Coudroy duo, Adébra, Triouche. He also plays solo.
Meïkhâneh and Martin Coudroy have a full concert program created in 2017 where all their influences, including swidish traditional meet and mix in an organic and unexpected way.

© Jean-François Castell


For its ten years anniversary, in 2019, Meïkhâneh is preparing several events, including the creation of the Meïkhâneh Quintet project, bringing together the trio, Uugan and Martin Coudroy. Partnerships, co-productions and residencies are being fixed.



Vocals, tovshuur lute, morin khuur fiddle


Overtone khöömii singing, throat singing, guitar, dombra lute


Zarb, daf, udu percussions


Mongolian Ikh Khuur double bass


Diatonic accordion

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